Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensors

Platinum resistance temperature sensors are high-quality temperature detectors used for accurate temperature measurement. They are ideal in industries where precise measurement and control, often at extreme temperatures, are crucial.

How do platinum resistance temperature sensors work?

Platinum resistance temperature sensors measure an accurate change in electrical resistance when exposed to changes in temperature. They have a positive temperature coefficient which means that the electrical resistance increases as the temperature rises. They have unrivalled long-term stability, making them ideal for many industrial applications. Because of this stability, coupled with their high-quality design, they provide an excellent solution for extreme high or low temperature use.

What are the different types of platinum resistance temperature sensors?

Platinum resistance temperature sensors are compact and are more stable and reliable than other sensors. They can be used in pipes and tanks, as well as in industrial ovens. They're small and easy to install, and are made of apure platinum wire coilincorporated into ceramic or glass. Different parameters include sensor style, detection type, range and current variability.

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Description Price Sensor Type Probe Length Probe Diameter Minimum Temperature Sensed Maximum Temperature Sensed Termination Type Cable Length Communication Protocol Probe Material Process Connection Cable Entry Size Interface Number Of Wires Accuracy
RS Stock No. 344-1139
Mfr. Part No.915 461
PT100 - - -30°C +70°C Cable Gland - - - Wall - - 3 Class A
RS Stock No. 344-1000
Mfr. Part No.330114-506
PT100 100mm 6mm 0°C +450°C Cable 2m - Stainless Steel - - - 3 Class A
RS Stock No. 344-1022
Mfr. Part No.330114-511
PT100 350mm 6mm 0°C +450°C Cable 2m - Stainless Steel - - - 3 Class A
RS Stock No. 344-0990
Mfr. Part No.330112-509
PT100 250mm 3mm 0°C +450°C Cable 2m - Stainless Steel - - - 3 Class A
RS Stock No. 344-1016
Mfr. Part No.330114-508
PT100 200mm 6mm 0°C +450°C Cable 2m - Stainless Steel - - - 3 Class A