Polishing Kits

What is a Polishing kit?A Polishing kit is an assortment of different items used specifically for polishing surfaces like steel.How do they work? They work by buffing an area of metal with a circular shaped rotary device that is usually made of strong cotton. This can help buff out any scratches or just to clean up metals.Features and benefits: Can use a variety of different polishes with the buffers (depending on materials) Can use with drills or flexible drive shafts Metals that can be buffed include brass, copper and aluminium Lightweight and durableWhere might I use one? To buff out metals after soldering Factories or warehouses In your business to clean up and polish metals professionally for customers

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Description Price Application Kit Contents Bar Weight Mop Diameter
RS Stock No. 667-3831
Mfr. Part No.46277
Fibre Optics Lexan Polishing Plate, Lint-Free Cleaning Wipe x 25, Neoprene Polishing Pad, Plastic Polishing Puck, Polishing Sheet (0.5 μm) x 5, Polishing Sheet (12 μm) x 5, Polishing Sheet (3 μm) x 5, Presaturated Bifurcated Swipe x 10, Stainless Steel Polishing Puck - -