Manual Sanding Accessories

Manual Sanding Accessories are the group of products used during operator sanding or sanding by hand activities. These accessories may include: blocks, hand sanders, pole sanders, sponges, rasps and abrasive flies.

Manual sanding accessories do not require batteries or electrical connections as they are solely operated by the mechanical back and forth action of the person using them. They are used to achieve a smooth finish on materials like wood, plastic and painted surfaces.

What are manual sanding accessories used for?

Manual sanding accessories are used to hold abrasive materials securely during the sanding process. They are ergonomically designed to ensure user comfort. Manual sanding accessories are commonly used by DIY enthusiasts as well as carpenters or builders.

Types of manual sanding accessories

Manual sanding accessories are available in various sizes and attachment forms:

  • Standard hand sanding accessories are used for bulk sanding over large horizontal areas.
  • Pole sanding accessories are used on ceilings, roofs or floors that are above or below the hip height of the user to ensure a comfortable sanding experience.
  • Rasp sanding accessories are designed for more precise work such as removing small amounts of plasterboard.

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