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      From Automation to the digitalization of production - the fourth industrial revolution is entering the globe. In the future smart factories will allow an increase of the productivity, efficiency, speed and quality and finally help our customers a higher competitiveness.

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      SIMATIC S7-1200 Progammable Logic Controller

      • Compact controllers with integrated Ios, technology and communication functions
      • Networking options via various communication standards like Profinet, Modbus or with add-on modules via IO-Link or AS-i.
      • Flexible in design and with modular expansion options
      • Replaces the popular SIMATIC S7-200

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      SIRIUS Innovations - Industrial Control

      • Fast, easy and fault-free assembly thanks to spring-type terminals
      • Modular design allows easy design and assemlby into a control cabinet
      • Peak load reductions by up to 60 % and intrinsic power loss reductions by up to 92 % thanks to integrated bypasses with the application of soft starters
      • Increased efficiency in the control cabinet thanks to power loss reductions by up to 66 %
      • Replaces the established SIRIUS Classic

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      SIMATIC IOT2020 - The Industrial Gateway

      • Developed to meet the requirements of the new generation of engineers
      • No proprietary software required; freedom to decide the most appropriate programming language
      • Compatibility with the most popular development platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry PI
      • Easy to interface with both open source and industrial hardware

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